Teachers make more money & students pay less.

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All About The Knowledge wants teachers to make more money, at the same time students are paying less.

How? By cutting out everything that can make learning (and teaching) more expensive.

Think about the college accreditation process. Accreditation is not just whether students learn at the college or not. It's paperwork. It's a review process. It likely requires a gym, library, and/or a sports team. It requires someone at the college to prepare for the accreditation. ... All things that serve a purpose, but add expense.

All the hoops a college has to jump through to be accredited costs money (and drives up the cost for students and/or drives down the pay for teachers). Now, for a 4 year degree, accreditation has its place. But, what if you just want to add to your life by learning how to sing or sculpt? No need for the accreditation expenses - cut them out. What about grades and certificates? Not here - gone. Administration. Nope.

One small example of the many ways we've simplified the learning process: Standalone, one day classes.

The less the teacher has to act as customer service, the better.

Consider the time spent when a student pays for six month long course, quits in a week, and then demands his or her money back. Now the teacher has to be customer service agent or accountant for a little bit. Should the teacher allow this refund? How did the student pay? How does a refund occur with that payment system? How much should be refunded? To some readers this may sound trivial, but it adds up. Some teachers are good at all of this, but it is distracting and takes time. What's worse is some potential teachers would never become teachers if they had to learn how to do all of this. ...

What if the students only paid for the classes he or she went to? And the classes were either standalone, one day courses or structured in a way where the student could come and go as she or he pleased? Suddenly, you've made it easier for the student to commit to a class and you've made it easier for more people to become teachers and focus on teaching. Long term, that's a win for everyone.

In short - the more we focus on cutting out everything that needlessly complicates learning, the better it is for student and teacher.

You have - All About The Knowledge . 🙂 No grades, no certificates, no paying for six month course up front, no paying for space or equipment you aren't using. Just Learn. And when you felt you have learned enough from that teacher/course, just stop. Easy.