Field Trips
aka Travel Learning

Learn while going on a trip. :)
Lady taking pictures of hot air ballons rising over a canyon.

Photography Travel Tours are popular and they are amazing. We are broadening that idea into Travel Learning - aka Field Trips 🙂.

Our Field Trip Recommendations.

Field Trips are a special kind of in person learning session. Here, the teacher is doing more work to get you to the 'classroom'. This can be a multi-day event, may include food, room and board, and almost certainly includes transportation.

As always, read the lesson's details to make sure how much is included in your price and what you are expected to bring.

This type of class is growing in popularity, for good reason. A great Travel Learning guide might know the area better than a local. He or she not only knows (in the photography example) where tourists want to go. But she or he also knows exactly when to be there and what to do if weather forces a change in places. That saves the traveler a lot of research time and heartache and let's them see a place they are interested in while learning a skill.

Just like the field trips in school, it can be both an adventure, and learning experience, and a memory that lasts a lifetime.


Learning how to fly fish. - Hop in a truck or jeep and the teacher drives you to a favorite fishing stream, shows you how to fish, provides lunch (if the fishing doesn't go so well) and drives you back.

Learning wildlife photography on your camera at the crane festival. - Load up in a vehicle (or several), the teacher(s) drive you to the town and have a hotel for you. Early the next morning the teacher(s) drive you to a great spot to capture a sunrise images of the birds taking off.

Archaeological tour/trip. Special access and special hosts.

Try it. :)

Lead a field trip. Share your part of the world and passion with someone.

Take (or request) a field trip.