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Students Home Page.
A student's hand is held open with a holographic image of a brain floats above it.

How does it work?

Select any class you'd like.

Pay just before class begins.

  • No commitment until the class begins.
  • Pay just for the classes you go to.

Ratings - afterwards

  • You and your teacher automatically give each other positive ratings.
  • If you want to dislike the teacher or class, just click

Repeat as desired. :)

  • There is no commitment to continue any class or with any teacher.


  • Prices are set and collected by the teachers themselves.
  • All About The Knowledge charges no fees to the students.
  • See the pricing page for complete details.

Types of educators.

A teacher smiling in front of a chalkboard with hundreds of equations artfully written behind him.


A tutor helping a student.


Guitar coach helping his student learn to play the guitar.' title='You can be a coach (or hire a coach) at All About The Knowledge.


A hiker getting first aid from another hiker in the mountains.


Three women stretching in a gym.  The most prominent lady is smiling while doing a sitting single leg hamstring stretch.


Lady taking pictures of hot air ballons rising over a canyon.

Field Trips

Professional helping a Do It Yourself'er with a cabinet.

DIY - Pro


Be safe everyone. Please, consider taking classes in public places (parks, libraries) and establishments you trust.

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