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Bug reports & recommendations are welcome. :)

Have an idea or want a new feature?

Adding feature is a mix of art and science. Can we afford this? Do we have the time? Is the community the right size for it? How important do we (and the community) think this new feature is compared to others?

What that means is we read everything. And then filter them differently. Your idea may appear here with your name next to it and a like button so the rest of the community can say how much they like it. Your idea may appear in a poll. Your idea may result in us hiring someone. Your idea may be paused while we have a lawyer or accountant look into liabilities or fees.

The short is, we welcome ideas, but please understand if we don't enact something, right away or at all.

Find a bug?

Not all bugs you find on the web are under our control. The ones that we can fix, we'll try to track down and fix. The website is currently a one person operation, so the more info you can give on how we can recreate the bug (so we can find it and fix it) the better.

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