Types of Classes

A class can be anything you want it to be.
To spark your imagination,
we've listed 6 types of classes below.
A hiker getting first aid from another hiker in the mountains.

Training and Instruction

Who wouldn't like to improve their quality of life by taking a class or two? The opportunities are endless - but we'll name four just to get you thinking.

  • First aid training.
  • Hiking safety and etiquette.
  • Learn to give a massage.
  • Gardening tips for your area.

Whether you want to learn or be the instructor, we've made it easy.

Lady taking pictures of hot air ballons rising over a canyon.

Field Trips

aka Travel Learning

Photography Travel Tours are real and they are amazing.

Experts take travelers to amazing sites at just the right time of year (and hour), and teach them to take fantastic pictures of beautiful scenery and events with their own cameras. Live it, love it, and take a picture of it. 🙂

But why stop there? Our field trips can be more than photography. See the world and learn to do something you've always wanted to do at the same time.

A teacher smiling in front of a chalkboard with hundreds of equations artfully written behind him.


aka Conventional Learning

Want to learn about a subject - but without all the overhead of getting a bachelor's degree in it? (Greek philosophy, game theory, the geology of local parks, the history of your local railroad, etc.)

Want to refresh your knowledge of a course you took 20 years ago?

Whatever the subject, people are welcome to request it, learn it, or teach it here.

Professional helping a Do It Yourself'er with a cabinet.

DIY - with a Pro.

Personalized, Expert Advice

Do you like the idea of DIY, but the shows, videos, and magazines don't quite cut it?

How amazing would it be to have an expert over your shoulder to start you off right and answer personalized questions?

We've got that. 🙂 And you can get that personalized advice OR be someone's expert.

Guitar coach helping his student learn to play the guitar.


We make coaching simple.

No memberships.

Students pay each day they are coached and can stop anytime.

Popular coaches ratings improve with each repeat customer and each like.

Easy. 🙂

A tutor helping a student.


We strongly believe the All About The Knowledge community will grow the best tutoring community in the world. Why? Because we make it easy to teach, easy to see student and teacher ratings, and the teacher keeps nearly all the money. (The teacher keeps 99.3% of the typical class fee.)

That means the students can find the best tutors and pay less... while the tutors make more. Everyone wins. 🙂 Simple.