Just Teach

Make money teaching what you love.
You set the price, lesson plan, schedule, & location.
A similing teacher sits at her classroom desk.

How does it work? (and pricing)

  1. Create an account to become a teacher. It's free :)

  2. Create any class you want. It's free :)

    You set the:
    • Price
    • Schedule
    • Subject
    • Location
    • Class size
  3. Your class is automatically listed on All About The Knowledge. It's free :)

  4. Students sign up.

  5. You collect 100% of the money the day of the class.

  6. You teach the class.

  7. We bill you 30 cents for each student in that class at the end of the month. We are currently waiving that fee, too. :)

    It's all free! Our site is not charging the teachers anything while we grow the community together.

More Teaching Materials

Be any kind of educator you want to be.

A teacher smiling in front of a chalkboard with hundreds of equations artfully written behind him.


A tutor helping a student.


Guitar coach helping his student learn to play the guitar.' title='You can be a coach (or hire a coach) at All About The Knowledge.


A hiker getting first aid from another hiker in the mountains.


Three women stretching in a gym.  The most prominent lady is smiling while doing a sitting single leg hamstring stretch.


Lady taking pictures of hot air ballons rising over a canyon.

Field Trips

Professional helping a Do It Yourself'er with a cabinet.

DIY - Pro


Be safe everyone. Please, consider teaching in public places (parks, libraries) and establishments you trust.

Read more safety tips, here.